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 Our company Finlog House is official representative of Honka brand in Latvia. 

We sell & build Honka houses in Latvia. 

We got experience, professional team and top level standards.


 Honka is a global pioneer in modern log building technology. 

Honka have built approximately 85,000 houses around the world and come up with countless innovations that have changed log construction to its core.


Whether you dream of a contemporary wooden house, a classic log home or a luxurious villa, we want to help you to realise your perfect home with natural and 100 % renewable wood.

Honka log homes are crafted from the finest Finnish wood, with 60 years of knowledge and experience. 


In today’s busy world, home has become more important than ever. 

Log homes are an increasingly popular alternative for more organic, healthy and ecological living. Living in a genuine Honka log home makes a perfect excuse for more home-time.

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